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Terni, located in central Italy, in the heart of the Umbria region, can boast of being the birthplace of Saint Valentine. There are numerous Italian and foreign cities that boast the same credentials on the authenticity of the Saint's birthplace and on the conservation of his relics.

The Basilica of San Valentino in Terni testifies that the Patron Saint was born, lived and was buried in this city around 200 AD.

The excavations carried out in the 1600s under the Basilica and the historical sources reveal that San Valentino was very attached to these places. Even today, inside the Basilica, despite the destruction and invasions suffered by the city over the centuries, it is possible to visit the urn of San Valentino, located at the end of the 18th century under the main altar of the Basilica, a place where numerous pilgrims go every year to pray to the patron saint of lovers and patron saint of the city of Terni.

The city is strongly linked to this religious and legendary figure. Unlike other Italian and foreign cities of love that define themselves as cities of love based on their architecture, art and the romanticism of the places, the City of Terni is a city of love based on the religious and social contents related to the sentiment of love that Valentine's Day is a witness to.

Terni lives the sentiment of love in its various forms every day. From a religious point of view, through the union of a couple that forms a family, Christian love offers principles and examples of life according to which love is realized and spreads through the word of God; from a social point of view, love manifests itself in helping the poor and the weakest, in welcoming and comforting lonely people.

Terni and Saint Valentine are open to the world and to people who seek and wish to deepen the magic of this noble sentiment in different cultural and social forms.


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