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Lettera a San Valentino


Every year thousands of letters and postcards addressed to Valentine's Day arrive at the Basilica of San Valentino in Terni in which the faithful around the world ask the Saint for protection and help with regard to problems related to love for the loved one, for the family, children, loved ones away from home, and protection from the sick.


Each letter is full of devotion and hope that the Discalced Carmelite Friars, custodians of the Basilica of San Valentino and of the Sacred Spoglie, collect and preserve them, offer them on Valentine's Day by means of prayer so that they can fulfill the wishes and hopes of millions of devotees. scattered all over the world.


In addition to letters and postcards in paper format, letters also arrive in the Basilica in electronic format (e-mail), sent by the faithful from all over the world, which are collected directly by the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Basilica of San Valentino.


Write a letter to the Discalced Carmelite Friars at the following email address:


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