Basilica Sanctuary

Urna di San Valentino a Terni


Inside the Basilica of St Valentine it is possible to visit the urn of the Patron Saint of Terni and Protector of Lovers. In 1605 the Municipality of Terni financed the excavations for the discovery of the Sacred Body. "Under the main altar, at a depth of twenty palms, a marble ark was found, rustic on the outside, but vaguely carved inside in relief and with a cross the size of an arm, containing a lead box. Once the lid was removed, the five-foot-long body of St Valentine was recognized, with its marble inscription on it ».


"It was 1696 when the municipality had a sarcophagus built for the Sacred Body and organized a great feast for the Patron", a sarcophagus that is still today under the altar of the Basilica, located in the exact place of the sepulcher containing the remains of the Sacred Body in one of the first Christian cemeteries, where a small archaeological museum has been set up for some years.



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