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The great religious value of Valentine's Day stems from the fact that he was an exponent and promulgator of the nascent Christianity. In fact, he sacrificed his life to promote one imbued with Christian values ​​such as family, honesty and the worship of a God the Father at the service of humanity.

In the period of the decline of the Roman Empire, these values ​​were in strong contrast with paganism which placed the emperor above all and showed himself to be the embodiment of the will of the gods thanks also to his social background. The persecution of the followers of the new Christian religion was just one of the many methods of repression unscrupulously adopted by the imperial authorities.

Corruption, hypocrisy, pride, greed, which characterized the Roman aristocracy of that time, led Bishop Valentino to embark on another more authentic and sober path of life to be spread and followed.

From the very beginning, the city of Terni loved Valentino with an unconditional love. For the Terni community this love is of great value and for two millennia it has not hesitated to ask the Saint for protection for themselves and for their loved ones.

Over the centuries this cult has been characterized by a mixture of historical and legendary factors, but it has been noted that Valentine's Day is always placed in the foreground with regard to love and sentimental issues.

The legend of Sabino and Serapia testifies to love free from any prejudice and from any cultural and religious conditioning and how it can be lived in a complete and authentic way.

The Events & Communication Association, supports the values ​​of Christian love on Valentine's Day and promotes love between lovers as a cell of union between two people to aspire to new goals, to the point of living love in its entirety, expressing itself in the love for the family, in love between people of different religions, in love for one's neighbor, for the weakest, for life in all its forms and in all its nuances.

Love allows you to see the world free from enemies to be defeated and, indeed, shows your neighbor as a resource with which to undertake and share a journey. Love is motivated by the desire to promote and guarantee a better life for ourselves and for our society, freeing it as much as possible from wars, selfishness, hatred and loneliness and building a freer society based on values. sharable by all.

The City of Terni and San Valentino have a leading role in the promotion activity of February 14, Valentine's Day, organizing religious and cultural activities (seminars, conferences, events, exhibitions, spiritual retreats) whose objective is to promote a life based on the value of mutual love.

Terni is the city of love not only for the beauty of the places and for the romanticism of the natural and architectural beauties of the surroundings, but a city of love also and above all for the religious and spiritual contents from which it starts to promote them in a global way, freeing oneself from pre-existing religious and cultural prejudices and bonds.

The cultural heritage of Valentine's Day that has come to us deserves to be supported, nurtured and valued to give others a fragment of history, of union, of hope.

The commercial activities, online services and recreational and religious activities that are organized on the occasion of February 14th, aim to promote these ambitious goals, which can be shared by all those who welcome this philosophy of life and work.


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