Umbria Region

Artigianato ed eno-gastronomia

Foods rich in well-being but with strong and unmistakable flavors.


Umbria also offers its population and tourists who visit it traditions in the field of craftsmanship and food and wine. Umbria has a simple and genuine cuisine. The olive trees offer an extra virgin olive oil of controlled origin to be enjoyed with the typical bland bread of the area or as a condiment; the numerous rivers are rich in trout, pike and perch.


Worth mentioning are the lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia, the cheeses and ham, the capocollo, the pork sausages enriched with spices, the livers that accompany a good roast.


Among the characteristic first courses there are strascinati, umbricelli (rough hand-rolled spaghetti), while among the dishes, woodcock with pork butchery and stewed hare.

Among the desserts we must remember the torciglione, the brustengolo, the macaroni with walnuts and the pinoccate.


The Terni cuisine in particular offers truffles, mushrooms, crayfish, bread without salt cooked in wood, ciriole (pasta similar to spaghetti but without eggs), gnocchi alla collescipolana (made in Collescipoli, a small town near Terni) cooked with a bean and sausage sauce, the pampepato, a typical Christmas dessert, the Amor Polenta, invented in the 19th century in honor of Valentine's Day, the sweet and savory Easter pizzas, the cereal soups and roast meats, the pizza al testo (typical Umbrian pizza stuffed with cooked herbs, cheese, sausages or locally produced salami).


These are dishes that can be enjoyed in farmhouses, in taverns (some open only on the occasion of the historical re-enactment parties of the villages), or in the numerous festivals that take place throughout the year (especially in summer), in which each dish finds its own original seasonal location.


The wine production is of excellent quality; we remember the well-known Sagrantino di Montefalco with the DOC denomination.

Handicrafts have an ancient tradition and represent an important economic, artistic and cultural aspect of the region. We remember the ceramics of Deruta, famous and exported all over the world, the processing of fabrics and the art of wood carving.


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