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The suggestive Lago di Piediluco is a small hill lake full of charm and romance, from its shores rise evergreen hills, typical of the Umbrian landscape and small medieval villages perched on them, which are reflected on the lake waters.

Throughout the year, the landscape gives lovers a mystical atmosphere, an environment that seems to have stopped in distant times and rhythms to enjoy moments of romance. The silences, the sound of the lapping of the waters that touch the shore, the sound of birds and the roar of small boats, allow lovers to grasp every detail of this unique place.

The excursion takes place entirely on the lake, indeed in the lake. On board a panoramic boat, the visitor will be able to see every detail of the changes in the landscape up close, giving the mind the opportunity to regenerate and the body to recover new energy.

For about 45 minutes, visitors will be pampered by the surrounding environment, accompanied by the opening of a bottle of sparkling sparkling wine and pleasant delicacies for the palate.


Special Valentine's Day

2 Departures in days on 12 - 13 - 14 February 2022

 Departure times at 11.00 and 15.00

Departure upon reservation

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